“Proud and Loud Arts are leaders in the creation of disability-led theatre.”

Matthew Eames, The Lowry


We believe excellence comes from diversity, complexity & equality.


Disability led art & performance means increasing quality.

Work we create focuses on challenging audiences, pushing artistic boundaries and raising expectations.

Our commitment to quality has led us to be recognised as leaders in our field. We work with renowned institutions including; The Lowry, Manchester Art Gallery, Contact and Tate.

In 2018 we were honoured to be made Tate Exchange Associate Artists, working with Tate to create new and exciting performances for their spaces up and down the country.


“Empowers individuals and communicates a strong and inclusive message to society at large.”

Ronan Brindley, Manchester Art Gallery


We exist to increase opportunities for new, emerging & skilled artists, living with disability, to create vibrant work in public spaces.


Our creative team work alongside our artists, driving each individual to develop their own creative practice and explore the work that interests them.

We push individuals to explore revolutionary new ways of working both individually and as an ensemble. The work of our creative team is to mentor, question and encourage.

Whether it’s an artist’s first foray in to performance or they are a seasoned professional, we’re here to support their creative journey every step of the way.

Our artists are placed front and centre in the process. Our artists are our company.



We act to strengthen community cohesion through positive action and self-help.


Our approach to facilitating our members’ ambitions and collaborating creatively with them, also extends to our audiences.

We strive to share our work with as broad an audience as possible. Our audiences are diverse. They discover us through galleries, theatres, online, on the city streets & in their communities.

We’ve found that making ourselves visible means discovering new & surprising ways to share. We reach out and embrace the undiscovered. We surprise audiences and connect them with each other.

Through connecting people, challenging people, surprising people we spark conversations. Conversations lead to positive actions!