Photo: Be part of our fundraising team and help us raise £5,000!
Proud and Loud Arts member Chrissy finishing her challenge

We are looking for a group of people who would like to take on a fundraising challenge in 2018 to raise money for Proud & Loud Arts.

Here are a few ideas:

If these ideas aren’t for you, feel free to make your own challenge! Anything you can do, big or small will help us reach our target.

Why not make 2018 the year you surprise yourself and get sponsored for Proud & Loud Arts?

All you need to do is set up your Justgiving page and join the team! If you need any further information about our charity please don’t hesitate to email;

We’d love you to keep us updated on your progress, through your Justgiving blog. We can’t wait to hear all about it and Good Luck!

Match Funding

Match funding is a great way of boosting your fundraising efforts by ‘matching’ the money you raise. Many companies across the UK offer Match Funding to their employees, some will match £ for £ so it is worth checking what your organisation offers! For further info on Match Funding, click here

Setting up your JustGiving page:

Logon to

Click onto ‘raise money for us’ (left hand side)

Click on ‘make a page’

Get started – complete details then click on the tab at bottom that says ‘make a page’

Choose your heading from: ‘organised event’, ‘celebrating an occasion’, ‘in memory’ or ‘personal challenge’

Include as much information as possible about your event. If you are not sure how to personalise your page, read the top tips below or contact the JustGiving support team by calling: 0845 078 2064.

Top tips for On Line Giving

Update your page on the go using the iPhone or Android JustGiving app. Keep your supporters updated with your latest news, upload photos from your phone and share your page with your contacts.

Be persistent and keep your supporters updated! People may not sponsor you the first time you ask, so send the occasional reminder. For those who have sponsored you let them know how your fundraising is going by updating your page.

Keep going – around 20% of online donations are given after the event has taken place. Make sure everyone knows you have completed the event and a little extra should come rolling in.

Don’t forget to say a big thank you to everyone who sponsored you.

How to make your page interesting and engaging:

  • Use humor or an emotive theme
  • Add images
  • Use the update tool to let your supporters know how you’re getting on and keep your page looking fresh.
  • Include funny or imaginative video to update on your progress and your supporters will be more likely to share your links.

Fact: JustGiving report that on average each video blog generates an additional £19 in donations!

Share your JustGiving page

There are lots of ways to share your page with your friends and family. Of course email is a good way to start. But sharing your page on Facebook and Twitter is another great way of gaining support.

Fact: Facebook is the primary driver of web traffic to JustGiving pages – last year £22m was raised in this way. If trends continue at the current rate by 2017 over 50% of all donations to JustGiving will come via Facebook.

With JustGiving’s Facebook app your friends can sponsor you without leaving Facebook and their JustTweeting app lets you schedule automatic tweets.

Don’t forget to ask your professional and work contacts too in addition to family and friends. Last year £25m was raised on the JustGiving site via company email addresses.

An easy way to reach your professional networks is via a message to your LinkedIn contacts including your JustGiving web address.

If you contact the local paper to publicise your event make sure they include the web address of your JustGiving page.