Photo: Burning Down the House

Tuesday rehearsals are on fire as we continue working on Shadow Girl – Origins. 

Previously on Shadow Girl

Shadow Girl is a project by artist & member Chrissy Carol Jones. It debuted as a performance art installation at Manchester Art Gallery back in 2017. Since then it has gone from strength to strength.

Shadow Girl was part of Cells – A Body of Work (CABOW), all of which travelled to Tate Liverpool in Nov 2018 to be performed as part of DaDaFest International.

Shadow Girl was then commissioned by hÅb for Hazard 2018 and adapted into a group artistic intervention for the streets of Manchester. 

Collaborating with M6 Theatre Company

2019 sees Shadow Girl adapted yet again. Proud & Loud Arts are working closely with Chrissy and in collaboration with M6 Theatre Company; renowned for its original, highly visual storytelling and relevant productions for young audiences. We’re creating a new storytelling work and children’s theatre performance.

“Shadow Girl is important because it communicates with the audience that they have what they need inside themselves to make a change.”

– Caroline Kennedy, Director

Director Caroline Kennedy has joined us from M6 to explore how we can tell this new story, Shadow Girl – Origins. 

This month we’ve been honing the story which focuses on how a young girl called Sabrina transforms in to the superhero Shadow Girl. It includes some mystery, adventure and perhaps a little bit of fire blazing.  

“We’re developing Shadow Girl – Origins into a playful and engaging storytelling piece. We are currently experimenting with light, shadow and object theatre, finding the best way to tell the story.”

– Caroline Kennedy, Director

Our company has been working with Caroline, using illustrations by artist Lizzie Finlay to create projected, interactive scenery that uses silhouettes to tell the story. 

If you’re interested to learn more about the project then you can follow our social media channels below for regular updates.