Photo: Inside Our Tuesday Writing Group

Danielle here with a bit of an update on what our Tuesday writing group sessions are all about at the minute!

Myself, Janet, Kelly and Chrissy have been working on our writing skills and sharing our work & ideas with one another. 

The sessions have been oozing with creativity, ideas, short stories, poems, old and new work. 

Kelly has been revisiting her past work Distorted Beauty and has been exploring new voices within the piece. We’re not sure yet, what or who these voices are, but we’re excited to find out! 

Chrissy has started working on a whole new piece of writing about all the different things in life that she likes, there’s A LOT of things…who knows where this could go?

Myself & Janet have been working on a piece that I wrote several years ago called ‘Help’. I originally wrote this piece as part of ‘Cells: A Body Of Work’ which was performed at venues such as Manchester Art Gallery. I wrote ‘Help’ based on my experience of being an adult with a physical disability, with adult wants and desires. People often treat me as if I am still a child because I need so much physical “help”.

 After spending some time looking at ‘Help’ and a few conversations about where it could go next, Janet had started coming up with some ideas of her own and was interested in writing her own version of the piece. I also decided to give my original work a bit of a refresh and have rewritten certain parts to make it fit more with where I’m at now. 

We now both have a new character to work with. 32 year old Becca just wants to be left alone, while Jemma, aged 45, wants a specific type of support…

That’s about all we can give away at the moment but I can tell you that the writing process has been extremely fun. The room has been full of giggles, conversations and ideas that we would never get away with outside of those four walls. We’ve both really enjoyed bouncing ideas off each other and coming up with some really funny scenarios which are way too saucy for us to share in this blog! 

I’m really excited to see ‘Help’ and the two new characters develop. I feel like we’re only just scratching the surface and they both have so many layers that we are yet to uncover.