Photo: Lights, Camera, Archetypes!

Lights, camera, archetypes! That’s the mantra that’s been ringing through the minds of the Engagement Programme groups as they create characters this term.

Creating characters can be tricky however, with a pinch of fun and a dash of play, the groups have been exploring Carl Jung’s archetypes and common relationships to unleash their inner character-creators.

The Tuesday Group has been having a blast delving into the 12 archetypes, which range from the Sage to the Jester, and choosing which ones to embody – identifying personality, behaviours, and nuance in preparation to be filmed by Manchester Lights Media next month.

To add some spice to their characters, the group has been using Lecoq’s 7 states of tension, a technique that involves moving through different levels of tension to access their characters.

Through this process, the group has been able to create characters that are dynamic, relatable, and downright fun to watch.

Meanwhile, the Wednesday Group have been getting creative with their characters, basing them on relationships we all have in common. From over-protective parents to tearaway teens, they’ve been exploring the dynamics that drive these relationships.

Adding zing by using hot-seating and scenario-based improvisation to explore new details about their characters and flesh them out even further. With their new found knowledge, they’re ready to dive into the physicality of their characters, bringing them to life through movement and gesture.

In exploring archetypes and common relationships, the Engagement Programme groups have been able to unleash their inner character-creators to create characters that are bursting with whole lot of fun! So, lights, camera, action… Let’s see what these characters have in store for us!