Photo: Look Out… The Interrogation

Six of our artists had the pleasure of experiencing The Interrogation, a co-production between Access All Areas and Charlene Salter, Shaun Dunne & Marmelo.

This interactive audio production is contained within a mobile app and takes place on the streets surrounding The Lowry.

The Interrogation follows Charlene as they navigate their way through unfamiliar and hostile public spaces.

Our Look Out group had a blast, really engaging with the technology and the story.

It was good … I liked being outside seeing what Charlene might have been seeing.


The production was created to question the causes of criminality, the ableism of language, and the feeling of being judged as a learning disabled person.

The experience is self-led. There are no stewards, audiences simply follow a map and enjoy the ride. The route is around 2km, includes places to rest (if wanted) and is wheelchair accessible. The app can also be used without following the full route if preferred. 

It was a little disturbing and upsetting but I enjoyed it.


It work was immediately very relatable to many of our Look Out group, who explained similar experiences to Charlene.

It’s kind of sad, I’ve had the same experience with people not speaking to me on the bus because they don’t understand me.


Many of the group said they might not have experienced this if they were by themselves, but by being part of Look Out they could enjoy it with friends, making the experience a little less daunting.

I liked being with other people doing Look Out again.


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