Photo: OnIT Challenge – Week 2

Featured Image inc. artwork by Yayoi Kusama ‘LOVE IS CALLING‘ (2013)

Our second week sees the artists tackling accents, editing apps, tension through movement and a pretty tricky tongue twister. 

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Each week this challenge would develop skills for stage and screen. Over the course of six-weeks our lovely thespians;

  • Played with costume, props and accents 
  • Explored different elements of acting for camera, like movement and stillness in the frame
  • Developed skills for both improvised and scripted scenes
  • And, of course we added a sprinkling of our Proud and Loud Arts trademark comedy skills


The Acting challenge-takers were tasked to perform either a scene as Liza from Pygmalion or Gus from The Dumb Waiter. 

Both scenes required our actors to adopt a London, cockney accent.

It can be hard to do accents without sounding like an unforgiving stereotype. We discovered that concentrating on the length of A,E,I,O,U sounds made it easier to create more authentic sounding characters. 

Janet’s creation and performance was particularly well received…

Actor, Janet is shown performing in a bathroom, wearing a maid's costume. Janet uses a loofa to demonstrate cleaning herself and sniffs a scented candle.

The setting was perfect, enhanced by the costume.

Janet was comfortable with the text and offered a very natural delivery style and a very enjoyable performance”. 

Tom Hogan on Janet’s performance.



For those who fancied something a little more lyrical, week two’s writing challenge was all about some poetry.

The only criteria for the poems were:

  • include a rhyme scheme
  • include the word body
  • be comprised of five stanzas of 3 lines each

You can have a go yourselves right now!

There were some amazing submissions from Kelly, Janet and Danielle!

Check out Danielle’s poem –

This is my body

It’s not very good

Nothing really works the way it should

It can be frustrating

Sometimes it makes me sad

But then I remember, it’s not all that bad

Sometimes I worry

About what lies ahead

But I try to focus on the now instead

Some days I hate

The little things I can’t do

Like style my own hair, or put on a shoe

This is my body

It’s different but that’s fine

My body isn’t perfect, but my body is mine

Written by Danielle

Emergency Task Highlight

This cheeky little task with an incredibly short deadline, dared our task-takers to film themselves saying ‘red-lorry, yellow-lorry’ or ‘red-leather, yellow-leather’ five times in a row without stopping or tripping up over the tricky terminology.

Michael got completely tongue tied resulting in an altogether new variation of the task – ‘legs-lover, legs-lover’!

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These weeks are going by fast!

See you in Week 3 – half way through!

Blog author, Imogen Barton-Wells