Photo: Online Antics

Our approach to social distancing measures…

The global impact caused by COVID-19 is unprecedented and it can feel increasingly harder to remember what positives there still are. Which is why we here at Proud and Loud Arts are having to shift the way we work but we’re determined to keep our unique brand of humour…

How We’re Adapting

Our charity exists to support our artists as they create groundbreaking work about disabilities, freedom and community. This important work challenges society and succeeds to create lasting change and we will continue to do this for as long as we are able. 

But, perhaps now is not the time to begin the intensive, demanding process of making art…

Our Members Lead The Way!

Our artists & members are instead leading the way in our approach to #KeepingCalmCarryOnline and together we’re creating a new process of working. We’re all stuck inside, many of our members unable to leave the house at all, so we’re all working together to combat that dreaded cabin fever and use our online antics to transform our daily lives! 

We’re not the only ones who have realised that now is the time to take stock, be together and approach our lives with joy!

Speaking of which…

Let’s get warmed-up!

Toby has been approaching his ‘office chairs warm-ups’ idea with amazing enthusiasm and is quickly turning it in to a staple part of group sessions. He’s been creating playlists, working with our Imogen to refine his chosen moves and scouting out the best places to lead our work-outs. Here he is curating the best camera angles. 

These warm-ups have proven so popular with members that we just might have exciting plans in the works for all of you too! 

Help us to adapt and combat social isolation by getting in touch and/or donating what you can via our