Photo: Our Exciting News has Finally Landed! Emergency 2018

We’re back after our short break and have been so busy we’d almost forgotten to keep you up to date with what we’ve been up to; including thrilling announcements, exciting development rehearsals and our plans for an invite-only Networking and Social Evening.

Firstly, to our announcements! If you follow us on Twitter or Facebook (which of you course you do, right?!) you’ll be aware of the trail of tweets we’ve been leaving, leading to two incredible pieces of news. We’ve been selected to perform Affirmations – which debuted earlier this year at Manchester Art Gallery (@mcrartgallery) – as part of Emergency 2018 – a day out for the curious #EmergencyMcr on Saturday 6th October presented by Word of Warning (@WarnMcr), STUN (@stunlive) and Z-Arts (@Z_arts_mcr). Take a look at the artists we’ll be joining at Emergency and find out the finer details at: We also announced that we are taking our performance work, Affirmations and Cells – a body of work to Tate Liverpool (@tateliverpool) as part of DaDaFest (@DaDaFest). Proud and Loud Artists will also be delivering public talks focusing of key issues including the effects of austerity, access to training, development and employment opportunities and mental health support during their week-long residency. For dates and times please visit:

In preparation for our rehearsals developing Affirmations we spent some time reviewing the audience feedback from our first performance at Manchester Art Gallery. This provided us with much to ponder regarding the artistic objective of the piece and gave us plenty of ideas to explore in the coming weeks. We’ve enjoyed delving back into movement rehearsals ahead of these dates which have seen us mapping the performance – useful, as we had forgotten EVERYTHING (except Kelly, of course). We’ve also been having fun with mirroring and opposites using movement, which often produced very interesting, unusual and unexpected outcomes. At our new home, Gorse Hill Studios (GHStudiosCC), we have access to all kinds of technical equipment which we cannot wait to introduce into our upcoming work – if you were one of the lucky ones that saw us perform Affirmations at Manchester Art Gallery, then imagine our stunning work now being bathed in stage lighting.

Finally, as if we’ve not been busy enough, we have been making preparations for our Network and Social Evening event where we’ll be showing off Gorse Hill Studios, letting friends, family and fellow creatives know what we’ve been doing recently and what we’re looking ahead to in the coming months and next year and finally, there will be a presentation of certificates to members. At our event its also worth mentioning that Toby will be announcing the culmination of a years worth of favouritism, ahem… sorry, we mean objective merits crediting towards the critically revered ‘Tick of the Year’ – one not to be missed. Our event is an invite-only affair, however, we are operating a #hashtag on Twitter for anybody that may like to attend in order to meet with us over coffee and cake, just tweet us @proudandloudart with #canicometoo

Image Credits: Tamsin Drury [top] Mark Croasdale [bottom left]

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