The beauty of this piece is that the personalities of the cast are allowed to shine and come through which gives the show depth and anchors it in reality whilst creating a credible piece of drama”.

What’s On Stage

This original theatre production explores the challenges faced by recipients of personal care.

Beyond the 4th Wall is set in a surreal Cul-De-Sac in which everything you could ever need or desire is catered for. It’s given quickly and without prejudice because it’s nice and safe in the Cul-De-Sac.

What happens when you want to experience something a little different?

You think it could be dangerous and you think you might not like it. But how can you be sure unless you’re allowed to experience for yourself?

What if you don’t want to be nice and safe?

Beyond the 4th Wall toured North West England throughout 2013.

“Thought-provoking play Beyond the 4th Wall which explores what ‘care’ really means to people with disabilities, is a triumph”

The Bury Times

“It is a play about life beyond closed doors which at first sight may appear safe and secure but where human spirit and the curiosity to experience the world wins over the limitations of a care institution.”

Eva Danickova – Co-President at Dramaturgs’ Network

Creative Team

  • Director – Tom Hogan
  • Writer – Cathy Crabb and The Proud and loud Arts’ Ensemble
  • Movement – Susan Swanson 
  • Concept Design – Nerissa Cargill Thompson
  • Images – Carl Gibson
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