“Cells – A Body Of Work empowers individuals and communicates a strong and inclusive message to society at large.”

Ronan Brindley – Manchester Art Gallery

A collection of live art installations (aka CABOW) created in response to the Manchester Evening News report, in October 2015, describing a 140% rise in reported hate crime incidents against people with disabilities.

Each artist responds to the labels they are confronted with in their lives, some shared and others unique. Every interaction offers a challenging perspective on stigma as some labels are given special treatment and a glass of champagne, and others are put in a safe place where no one can find them.

A larger group performance piece entitled Affirmations was created to company this body of work, and encourages audiences to move around the room and observe the performance as it changes and perspective shifts.

Cells – A Body of Work has also been performed at Tate Liverpool, Tate Exchange (Nov, 2018) as part of DaDaFest International and Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester (Nov, 2018).

Creative Team

  • Director – Tom Hogan
  • Movement – Susan Swanson
  • Design – Nerissa Cargill Thompson

This collection of work has been made possible with funding and support from the following;