A contemporary film following David; a young person facing a challenge.

David wants to have control of his destiny, to carve out a path of his own making, but he finds himself in limbo with no direction.

Can David hold out against external pressures as he waits for clues?

Will the clues he’s looking for ever arrive?

Are the clues even on their way and what happens if they never come?


Aaron Ferris, Chris Jackson, Hayley Crumlish, Janet Charlesworth, Jenny Holland, Jenny Stott, John Lee Gregg, Kelly Hoye, Laura Stapley, Michael Gleave, Simon Ravencroft, Stephen Brierley, Toby Taylor

Creative Team

  • Director & Producer – Tom Hogan
  • Writer – Mandy Precious
  • Design – Nerissa Cargill Thompson
  • Camera – Mariela Artiles & Ngoyl Ugochuckwu
  • Sound – Suzanna Wright
  • Music – Anne Richardson & David Battle
  • Editor – Bryan Dixon
  • Assistants – Andrew Connor & Rick Tomlinson
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