Photo: Pyramus and Thisbe Rehearsals –  12th of October 2015

We have just finished our writing process and we have a working script that we are very happy with.
There is still lots of work to do but this writing process was a new experience for us. Several of our members were on the writing team (Danielle, Kelly, Rhys, Janet & Nick) working with our lead writer Cathy Crabb and this time we had a much more direct involvement in writing the scenes for the show. I (Danielle) really enjoyed the writing process and I am really looking forward to seeing the scenes that we wrote come to life on stage. I never thought that I would take to writing but I have thoroughly enjoyed it and would love to do more.

Rehearsing at Contact


Rehearsals have now began and there are just 6 weeks until the show! On Tuesday, we spent the day rehearsing at Contact, Manchester. We had a really busy day and it was great for us to be rehearsing in the actual space that we will be performing in.
We spent our time at Contact working with the chorus trying to get our voices to match the rhythm of words and speak together . We’ve never had a chorus in any of our previous shows, so we are working hard to get it right. The rest of the cast spent the day learning lines and helping the chorus with their emphasis and helped them to search out the most important words. We are now breaking each scene down in to sections and making sure that each scene is fully understood by everyone.


In this show we will be experimenting with digital technology to see if it can help us to overcome the physical barrier of travelling that makes it difficult for some members to tour. For me this is really exciting as I will be performing live but from another location. It’s going to be strange being away from the rest of the group and performing to a camera but i really hope it works as it will open more opportunities for the group, especially for touring.
We start our full time rehearsals next week and we are all really excited and looking forward to seeing the show come together. Keep an eye on our page for some rehearsal clips coming soon…

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