Photo: Staring at the Walls is approaching!

Written by Danielle Maycox

It’s been a very busy but exciting few months for Kelly Hoye as she’s been working on her new writing-in-development Staring at the Walls. Inspired by The Yellow Wallpaper, Kelly is writing from a lived experience giving a fresh and intimate look at mental health, disability and the stigma that still exists. 

The writing process has been challenging but rewarding as Kelly brings together ideas and experiences to shape Alex’s story on her journey of acceptance.

The writing process for my first research and development for new writing project ‘Staring at The Walls’ has been a rollercoaster of emotions which has had me out of my comfort zone a few times. I’ve had a great creative team supporting me to bring my ideas together and guide me through it

Kelly Hoye

Kelly has taken the opportunity to work in lots of the fantastic cultural venues across Greater Manchester where she has been able to gain inspiration, ideas and get her creative juices flowing. 

“It’s been such a challenging process although I have had the chance to visit many different venues across Manchester throughout this journey. I’ve been able to work at The Whitworth, Home MCR, The Royal Exchange, Contact Theatre, The Lowry and even in the quiet-ness of libraries such as Central Library”

Kelly Hoye

Kelly’s work-in-progress will be shared with an invited audience at Contact Theatre later this week. Kelly hopes that her work can help to break stigma, get people talking and most importantly help others who may be struggling with mental health. 

I’m really looking forward to hearing what the audience have to say and feel about the piece and what they get from it and if they can relate to it in some ways. I really hope to get it to as many venues as possible and watch it grow more and continue to develop further as an artist /writer/performer” 

Kelly Hoye

We can’t wait to share how Kelly and the team get on, be sure to keep your eyes peeled across our social media to keep updated!

Staring at the Walls is presented by Proud and Loud Arts and is made possible thanks to project partner Contact Manchester 

Staring at the walls is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England